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Digital Pi Project

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Raising money and awareness to help tackle the Digital Exclusion of young people in Greater Manchester.

Our project Goals

- Raise £2040 to buy and distribute 30 Digital Pi 400 devices to students without access to a computer at home in July.
- To raise awareness of the need for students to have digital access at home, and the learning resources that are available for free online and provided locally in Greater Manchester.
- To participate in Greater Manchester Combined Authority's Digital Taskforce meetings and work as part of their growing community to help fix the digital divide of people who are digitally excluded in Greater Manchester
Why Digital Inclusion matters In Greater Manchester
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Click their logo for more research on the effects of digital exclusion in the UK

The Good Things Research point out: A lack of digital skills and access can have a huge negative impact on a person’s life, leading to poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy, increased loneliness and social isolation, less access to jobs and education.

It can mean paying more for essentials, financial exclusion, an increased risk of experiencing poverty. People who are digitally excluded also lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as government services and democracy increasingly move online.


What’s more, it’s those already at a disadvantage – through age, education, income, disability, or unemployment – who are most likely to be missing out, further widening the social inequality gap.

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In 2020, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) identified that there are around 20,000 young people in Greater Manchester schools and colleges that will fall within the gaps of support and be left behind.

Click their logo to see and join their Digital Inclusion Taskforce 


The Raspberry Pi 400 is a complete personal computer, built into a compact keyboard, and is significantly cheaper than most of todays computers. This creates an opportunity to connect young student who do not have access to a computer at home to get access by receiving a Raspberry Pi 400.

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IntoUniversity North Manchester provides academic support, mentoring and programmes that promote young people’s aspirations. Our project's priority is to raise the money to buy and deliver 20 Digital Pi 400 devices to their students this July. Click their logo to find out more about the great work they do!